For all information regarding trainings, dates, and registration, please e-mail Biofeedback Academy of North America at:






L.I.F.E. System Training

Harmonic Energetic Technologies is committed to providing the best training
with your L.I.F.E. System purchase.

Basic Level-1 Training is included with your purchase and taught by The Biofeedback Academy of North America.

For all USA and Canadian purchasers, the Biofeedback Academy of North America is the only authorized training body for L.I.F.E. System basic training.



In The USA and Canada at the conclusion of training, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion as a Biofeedback Technician. This education has a value of $1,295.00 US (included with your L.I.F.E. Purchase)

Segment one will consist of a personal, five hour, one on one interactive training with one of our registered academy associates. It will be conducted through the use of “Go To Meeting” interactive video technology, which allows for full video and audio communication between the trainer and client.

Please Note: Each trainee must have high speed Internet capability available. The six hours may be split into two or three sessions in order to not overload the trainee.

Segment two will consist of one hour of personal, question and answer sessions which may be scheduled between the trainer and trainee as one begins to use the system during practical application. At the conclusion of Basic Training, each trainee will be presented with a certificate of completion and competency as a Biofeedback Technician.