Harmonic Energetic Technologies has an updated used system policy that makes it much easier to transfer the licensing. Please give our office a call at (315)378-4338 if you are considering purchasing a used system, and we will go over it with you.


Many times, attempts to buy a L.I.F.E. System through an online source, such as EBAY or craigslist, have resulted in buyers purchasing defective, unlicensed, or even stolen systems. If you're looking into buying a used system, be sure to get the name of the seller and the serial number of the device before buying and check with us. To help protect existing L.I.F.E. System owners in case of theft, we don't support systems without traceable serial numbers.









The L.I.F.E. System is software copyrighted material and is licensed and registered to the end user only and is not transferable without written prior consent from Harmonic Energetic Technologies, LLC.

We do not support systems that are bought in a manner contrary to our policy.

If you buy a used L.I.F.E. System by any means not in accordance with our policy, you may have some or all of the issues listed below.


Poor condition or defective system.

Possible safety concerns.

Possible legal issues.

NO license agreement with Harmonic Energetic Technologies.

NO licensing codes for additional software installations or software updates.

NO Warranty.

NO technical support.

NO ability to obtain replacement parts.